A Kind of Sad Love Story

120 min : 3m 3f

After 7 years of having what seemed to be the perfect relationship Emily left Andrew. Andrew wasn’t sure why Emily did it. Emily wasn’t quite sure either. All she knew was that it needed to happen. As Andrew frantically works to find a way to fix his relationship, Emily tries to figure out why it was that she left him in the first place. A Kind of a Sad Love Story is the bittersweet story of a stagnant relationship between two twenty somethings who, in order to move on with their lives, must first break each other's heart.

Click here for an excerpt from A KIND OF SAD LOVE STORY

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Photos courtesy of Mark N. Kitaoka from the BindleStiff Studio production and Rogelio Barrera Jr. from the Two Miles East performance.

Selected History:

2019: University of Connecticut, (Storrs, CT) Production (Upcoming)

2016: Evergreen Valley High School, (San Jose, CA) Production

2016: Two Miles East Garden Series, (San Jose, CA)

2014 : West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) Production

2013 : BindleStiff Studio (San Francisco, CA) Production

2013 : City Lights Theatre Company (San Jose, CA) Reading

2012 : BindleStiff Studio (San Francisco, CA) Reading

2011 : The 06 Ensemble (San Jose, CA) Workshop