Dealing Dreams

85 min : 2m 2f

Intelligent go-getters Zoe and Trey are striving to keep their heads afloat in today's economy. They've graduated from elite schools only to face unemployment and chances at low-paying "McJobs". They're underqualified for jobs they want, overqualified for jobs they don't want. Then Trey comes up with a striking new concept for a social networking website ... an idea that if developed right, might make them rich and change their lives forever. As they pursue their Silicon Valley dream, Zoe and Trey's lives do change profoundly ... but not in the ways that they imagined.

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Photos courtesy of Michael Ho from Foothill Conservatory Workshop

Selected History:

2016: City Lights Theatre Company (San Jose, CA) Developmental Production

2016: Thanks for the Memorie's Theatre (Ashland, OR) Workshop Production

2015: Top 14 Finalist for the Global Age Project, Aurora Theatre Company (Berkeley, CA)

2014 : Orange County Playwright's Alliance (Anaheim, CA) Reading

2014 : Custom Made Theatre Company (San Francisco, CA) Reading

2014 : West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) Workshop

2013 : Foothill Conservatory (Los Altos, CA) Workshop