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Between Us


Repertory begins February 18. Runs through March 10.
Live Oak Theater, Berkeley for more info and tickets

The personal is political in seven intimate portraits over two programs in repertory.

BETWEEN US invites you to meet a leader of the Delano Grape Strike, a woman attending her first protest, a voodoo queen, the Uruguayan woman who will fight her government to get justice for her murdered sister, a black woman contemplating the first MLK day, a US general who foils a coup on Roosevelt and one of the woman who led the redress movement for the over 100,000 Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII.


LAVEAU: A Conjuring of Marie Laveau
By Brit Frazier
Directed by Margo Hall
Dezi Solèy/Marie Laveau

SEVEN FINGERS: The Story of Larry Itliong
Written and directed by Jeffrey Lo
Mike Sagun/Larry Itliong

PUSSY HAT: The Story of One Woman’s March
By Katie May
Directed by Phoebe Moyer
Jennie Brick/Sharon

JUST ONE DAY: A Story of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy
Written by Cleavon Smith
Directed by Elizabeth Carter
Sam Jackson/Esther



LA PROFESORA: The Story of Nibia Sabalsagaray
Written and directed by Noelle Viñas
Virginia Blanco/Nibia Sabalsagaray

THE RACKET: The Story of Smedley Butler
By James Tracy and Jon Tracy
Directed by Robert Parsons
Aaron Murphy/Smedley Butler

TURNING THE PAGE: The Story of Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga
By Jeanne Sakata
Directed by Jeffrey Lo
Heidi Kobara/Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga