That Scary Moment Before... / by Jeffrey Lo

Jan 24 2018 - That Scary Moment Before.jpg



AJNA and a number of OTHER FOLKS wait at the bus stop.

Some folks read books while they wait.

Some listen to music.

Some, like AJNA, fiddle on their phones..

After a moment, the bus pulls up.

OTHER FOLKS put away their books, tablets and phones.

AJNA keeps futzing around on her phone.

A line forms to enter the bus.

AJNA starts to walk onto the bus she continues to twiddle her thumbs on her phone.

Then –

AJNA misses a step!

AJNA trips!

AJNA’s phone flies into the air.

Everything suddenly happens in slow motion.

AJNA’s face, OTHER FOLKS’ face, even the bus driver’s face widen in horror in slow motion.



AJNA’s phone tumbles to the ground.

Everything restores to normal speed.

Everyone lets out a gasp.

AJNA looks around at everyone.

AJNA is so scared.

Everyone is holding their breath.

AJNA knows what she has to do but she does not want to do it.

The bus driver looks at her watch.

They’ve got to go.

AJNA nods her head.

AJNA slowly picks up her phone.

AJNA slowly turns her phone around to the screen side.

AJNA looks at the screen.

AJNA: It’s ok everyone! No cracks!

Everyone lets out a sigh and applauds for AJNA.

AJNA: Thank you for your support everyone! Dodged a bullet there!

AJNA looks up at the bus number.


AJNA steps off the bus.

AJNA: Actually, this isn’t my bus. Haha, I should’ve been paying closer attention! Sorry about that!

The bus drives away.

AJNA waits at the bus stop for the next bus.

AJNA looks around.

AJNA sighs.

AJNA gets bored.

AJNA takes out her phone and checks social media,

Lights fade.