Crock Pot / by Jeffrey Lo

Jan 28 2018 - Crock Pot.jpg


LANCE, sitting on the floor.

An empty box to his side.

A row of items in front of him

LANCE looks at the row of items.

LANCE looks at the box.

LANCE looks to the sky.

LANCE takes a breath.

LANCE picks up the alarm clock.

LANCE: I’m sorry I wasn't always on time. I’m sorry I was late most of the time. You used this thing for so long even though it was so obsolete. It was probably obsolete when you bought it. Probably on clearance… You loved things on clearance…

LANCE puts the alarm clock in the box.

LANCE picks up the crock pot.

LANCE: Sorry I kept avoiding you when you told me you wanted to teach me how to cook. I kept saying I didn’t have time or I was busy… I had time. Of course, I had time. Your crock pot beef stew... God I wish I could have some of that right now. I should’ve spent the time to watch you. Learn from you. But instead…

LANCE shakes his head.

LANCE puts the crock pot in the box.

LANCE picks up a box of Chips Ahoy cookies.

LANCE (a brief laugh): I’m sorry I gave you so many packs of these. You loved these so much but really… I mean, you were diabetic. What was I doing? I mean, I wouldn’t hear the end of your complaints if I didn’t go out and buy you more but, I don’t know. I should’ve found you an alternative or something.

LANCE puts the box of Chips Ahoy cookies in the box.

LANCE picks up the full VHS collection of I LOVE LUCY.

LANCE: I’m sorry I watched this so many times with you… Seriously, I wish I had my time back. Why did we have to watch this so many times?

LANCE looks at the collections, smiles at it and puts it in the box.

LANCE picks up a picture of his mother.

LANCE: I’m sorry I wasn’t better. I’m sorry it’s too late. I’m sorry I probably won’t learn my lesson. But as of right now… I’ll try. I love you mama.

LANCE puts the photo in the box.

LANCE picks up the box.

LANCE exits.