Story of my Life / by Jeffrey Lo

Jan 6 2018 - Story of My Life.jpg


A stage with minimalist set pieces for different locales.

In between the set pieces: plenty of empty space, black painted floor, and dimmed light.


1 enters.

They start milling around the empty, dimly lit spaces of the stage.

Their head hangs low, they are having a bad day.

They have had many bad days in a row.

It’s been a bad few years, as a matter of fact.

1 keeps milling about. 

2 enters.

They start milling around the empty, dimly lit spaces of the stage.

They drag their feet. They are very tired.

They’ve worked too much this week.

Actually, in order to pay rent they’ve been overworked their entire adult life.

3 enters.

They start milling around the empty, dimly lit spaces of the stage.

They look around the space and the other people, looking furious.

Generally speaking they are a very angry person.

4 enters.

They start milling around the empty, dimly lit spaces of the stage.

They actually look kind of happy.

In fact, they look friendly.

This is a nice change from the other three folks. 

5 enters.

They start milling around the empty, dimly lit spaces of the stage.

They start walking around very quickly.

They are in a hurry.

A huge hurry.

When someone is living their lives at a normal pace, they are constantly thinking HURRY UP!

6 enters.

They don’t mill around the space but instead look for a spot for them to stay.

They move methodically and with great care.


1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mill about the space.

Just going about their day.

After a moment 2 puts on an apron and picks up a plate of food.

1 sits at a spot with a restaurant table and chairs.

6 finds a spot on the floor at center and sit down. 

2 puts the food on the table.

1 takes out their cell phone and takes a photo of their food.

The sound of a camera shutter.

Suddenly, they look to the audience with absolutely delight and happiness.

1: What would I do without my Monday Avocado toast? I live a #blessed life. So happy.

2, 3, 4 and 5 (As they continue to mill about): Post!

1 quickly shifts into their usual sadness and slowly eats their avocado toast.

4 walks up to 1. 

4: Wow, that looks really good!

1 (Not nearly in as good a mood as 4): Cool, thanks.

4: Have a great day!

1: Yeah.

2, 3, 4 and 5 continue to mill about the space.

5 stops at a coffee stand.

After a moment, 5 turns around, in a huge hurry, looking for 2.

5: Where’s my coffee!? 

3 spots where 6 has sat down and walks up to them.

3 looks at 6 condescendingly.

3: You want a dollar?

6: If you can spare it, I’d appreciate it.

3: What about a 5?

6: I’ll take what you are willing to give.

3: What about $100?

6: Oh that’s too much, I couldn’t take that.

3: No, it’s fine. Take the $100.

 3 hands 6 the $100 bill. 

4 sees 3 doing this.

 4: Wow, that’s a really nice thing you did there.

 3: I know, right?

4: Have a great day!

2 almost bumps into 3.

 3: What the fuck is wrong with you?

2: I’m sorry.

3: Watch where you’re going you fucker!

2: Ok, sure. I’m sorry.

3: What was that?

2: I said, “Ok, sure. I’m sorry.”

3: Ok? Sure? You’re sorry?

2: Yes.

3: Do you want to fight?

2: No.

2 leaves the situation and goes back to milling about the stage.

 3: Yeah that’s what I thought! Asshole!

 6 looks at the $100 in shock. 

3: Wait. Wait. Wait. I need you to – 

3 pulls out their phone and points the camera at 6.

 3: Just hold the money to your face and… smile. Yeah. Just like that. Oh are you missing your front teeth? I’m sorry about that. But yeah, just keep smiling though. Makes for a better – You know what?

3 decides to take a selfie with 6.

The sound of a camera shutter. 

3: There you go. Great.

3 suddenly looks at the audience and is the nicest person in the world.

3: Saw this poor poor person and thought they needed help. What can I say? Aren’t they lucky such a nice person ran into them? #DoingMyPartForABetterWorld

1, 2, 4 and 5 (As they continue to mill about): Post! 

3 sits next to 6, waiting for the likes to roll in.

5 is in an even bigger hurry than before. 

5: Sorry to bother but is my venti venti venti grande caramel macchiato with soy, an extra triple shot and four extra pumps of sweetener ready yet? I’m in a bit of a hurry.

2 (Not near 5 but doing their best): Coming right up!

5: You said that last time!

4 spots 2 struggling to get 5’s order to them. 

4: Let me help you with that.

2: Wow, thanks.

4: No problem.

4 takes the coffee from 2 and brings it over to 5. 

4: Here ya go.

5: Took ya long enough.

4: Sorry about that.

5: Yeah, whatever. 

5 takes out their phone and takes a photo of their coffee.

The sound of a camera shutter.

5 suddenly looks at the audience and sounds like a yoga teacher.

5: My morning cup of coffee. In our hectic lives, it is so important to take time, be calm, and breath. It’s true what they say – patience, is a virtue. #WordsToLiveBy.

1, 2, 3 and 4: Post!

 2 finds 4.

2: Hey, thanks for helping me out over there.

4: Don’t mention it.

2: It’s been a really tough day.

4: I can imagine. Well, I better go – hope your day gets better!

4 walks away from 2 and mills about the stage.

2 pulls out their phone.

2 suddenly looks at the audience and sounds positive instead of beaten down.

2: Worked three jobs today but so excited to be in the big city to pursue my dream of being a musician. All of mom and dad’s hard work to get their green cards and ensure raise me in America – that is what this is all about. And today, a good Samaritan helped me out at the coffee cart with an aggressive customer. #ThereAreGoodPeopleOutThere

1, 3, 4 and 5: Post!

4 stops milling about the space.

4 suddenly looks at the audience and is now a troll. 

4: Today I had to help an illegal because they were fucking up the simple task of getting people their coffee. If they can’t even get that right, what are they here for? #RealAmericansWeGetTheJobDone

1, 2, 3 and 5: Post!

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 stare at their phones.

They constantly refresh their social media.

Retweets, likes, loves, all of it.

They want it.

As they continue to stare at their small screens, they meander off stage.


6 remains sitting at center, staring at their $100 bill.

Lights fade.