Ingat / by Jeffrey Lo

Feb 25 2018 - Ingat.jpg


The departures terminal of the San Jose Mineta International Airport.

ED is walking with WES.

WES is pulling a wheeled suitcase and has a duffel bag over his shoulder.

WES stops at the escalator.

ED: You have to check in.

WES: I did.

ED: We just got here.

WES points to his phone.

ED: You could do that there.

WES: Did it before I went to bed.

ED: That makes no sense.

WES shrugs.

ED: Do you have your boarding pass?

WES points to his phone again.

ED: There too?

WES: Yeah.

ED: What would you do if you lost that?

WES: My phone?

ED: Yeah.

WES: Cry. Probably. Then buy a new phone.

ED: So you’ve got everything.

WES: I think so.

ED: Didn’t forget anything?

WES: If I did, I’ve forgotten.

ED: Ok.

WES starts to board the escalator up to the security checkpoint.

ED: Wes.

WES: Yeah, dad?

ED: Be careful in Oregon. There are a lot of racists there.

WES: You know Dad, you say that no matter where I’m travelling.

ED: I say it when it’s true.


WES: You’re right. Alright, see you next month Dad.

ED: Ingat.

WES: Ok.

WES steps onto the escalator.

ED watches WES ascend.