Saturday Morning / by Jeffrey Lo

March 31 2018 - Saturday Morning.jpg




Lights rise slowly.

Eventually we see a studio apartment.

A lump of sheets on the bed.

There is someone in that lump.

A person.

Maybe two.

Probably just one.


Then the alarm on a cell phone rings.

That annoying default alarm on the iPhone.

A ruffle in the bed.

Some movement.

Finally, WILLIAM pops his head out from the sheets.

Still half asleep, he feels around for his phone.

He finally finds it.

He shuts off the alarm.

He plops his upper body back onto the bed.

He considers falling back to sleep.

It would feel so good but alas…

He gets up.

WILLIAM goes to the bathroom.

We hear the sound of pee-ing.

We hear the sound of a toilet flushing.

WILLIAM emerges from the bathroom.

WILLIAM stops.

WILLIAM re-enters the bathroom.

We hear the sound of a sink running.

WILLIAM emerges from the bathroom wiping his hands with a hand towel.

WILLIAM goes to the fridge and grabs a yogurt and a bottle of orange juice.

He sits and eats the yogurt and drinks the orange juice straight from the bottle.

After he finishes his yogurt he returns to the bathroom.

We hear the sound of the shower running.

The shower turns off.

We hear the sound of the sink running.

We hear the sound of WILLIAM brushing his teeth.

We hear the sound of WILLIAM spitting.

The sink turns off.

WILLIAM re-enters wiping his face and hands with the hand towel.


WILLIAM thinks about what he should do with his day.

WILLIAM yawns.

WILLIAM considers.

WILLIAM plops back into bed and falls back asleep.

Lights fade slowly.