AOC / by Jeffrey Lo

April 27 - AOC.jpg


A messy room.

To be clear, it’s a beautiful room.

A beautifully messy room.

Inside this room are five people

KAUSAR, a female, Indian-American sculptor.

TASI, a male, Samoan-American comedian.

AMEL, a gender non-binary Cuban-American rapper.

DEMONE, a male African-American oboist.

PHILLIPA, a female Lao-American poet.

They work in silence.

They work in this mess.

They create a glorious mess.

You hear KAUSAR molding a small piece of clay as a draft of her next piece.

You hear TASI muttering a new joke and then chuckling to himself.

You hear AMEL muttering their raps.

You hear DEMONE playing pieces of Mahler’s first Symphony.

You hear PHILLIPA putting pencil to paper.

After some time, all of those small sounds increase and become beautiful music.

All five of these artists notice the synchronicity at the same time.

They all look up and look at each other.

They all smile.

DEMONE: This is nice.

AMEL: Yeah.

They all get back to work.

Lights rise.

Then lights fade.