Zac and Siah (Part 2) / by Jeffrey Lo

June 20 2018 - Zac and Siah Part 2.jpg


After the crucifixion of Jesus

ZAC and SIAH sit on the ground shell shocked.


SIAH: Well I can’t unsee that…

ZAC: I can’t believe it…

SIAH: That was certainly… a lot.

ZAC: Shit!

SIAH: I know… I mean he was just… (Beat)Hey Zac.

ZAC: What?

SIAH: Didn’t you think that they might get out of it?

ZAC: What are you talking about Siah?

SIAH: I kinda thought they might’ve been sharing a look.

ZAC: Who?

SIAH: Jesus and the thief.

ZAC: Which one?

SIAH: The thief. The thief on the crossnext to Jesus on the cross.

ZAC: There were two of them on either side of Jesus.

SIAH: The thief!

ZAC: They were both thieves!

SIAH: Oh…. They were both thieves?

ZAC: Yes.

SIAH: Wow… Times are tough. What were their names?

ZAC: I don’t know.

SIAH: Wasn’t one of them named like… Dismas? … Dimas? …. Demas?

ZAC: I really don’t know Josiah. Thief 1 and thief 2.

SIAH: Hah. Thief 1 and thief 2. Well, I’m talking about the nice thief.

ZAC: Which one was the nice thief?

SIAH: The nice thief was the one sharing a look with Jesus.

ZAC: Did you know him?


ZAC: Then how do you know he’s a “nice thief”?

SIAH: Because of his eyes.

ZAC: What about his eyes?

SIAH: He had kind eyes. … That other guy. He had jerk eyes. Judas eyes.

ZAC: Fuck that guy.

SIAH: You know my sister thought he was cute, Judas.She was asking me all about him and I told her – Nah Aria. Stay away from him. You don’t want a part of that. Aria said, “Why? What do you know?” And I said look at Judas’ eyes. You can just tell. You don’t wanna spend the rest of your life with eyes like that. Wake up in the morning and boom – there are those eyes. Just staring at you. (Scoffs:)Judas…

ZAC: Fuck that guy.

Quick beat.

SIAH: Anyway, kind eyes thief and J – I thought they had some sort of plan to get out of all this.

ZAC: You’re ridiculous.

SIAH: Nah, man, I’m serious! I thought they had something going on.

ZAC: And what made you think that?

SIAH: Kind eyes thief and Jeezy – they shared a look.

ZAC: So?

SIAH: Don’t you think that means something?

ZAC: I think it means they were both nailed to wooden crosses, both in a whole lot of paint and both about to die.

SIAH: And them sharing a look meant…?

ZAC: This really sucks.This thing we are going through right now… really really sucks.


SIAH shrugs.

SIAH:  Maybe.