Zac and Siah Inside the Cave / by Jeffrey Lo



Inside the cave.

                                                                                    ZAC and SIAH are walking, making

their way to Jesus’ corpse.



You turned the water into wine?






Hah! Who would’ve thought that trick would come in handy a second time.



Again for Jesus…



The J man. Always coming through.


Why did you think to give him wine?



I overheard your conversation.



Which part of it?



Most of it. But specifically the part where he said he had a drinking problem.

And that just a sip of a drink would set him on a tailspin.


                                                                                    SIAH stops walking.



Wait. Hearing that that guy had a drinking problem is what made you think to trick him into drinking?

That’s fucked up.



I’m not proud of it.



I didn’t think you had that in you.



I wish I didn’t have to do it but here we are.

Now come on Siah. We have to hurry up and get to the body.


                                                                                    Lights and sound shift.

                                                                                    ZAC and SIAH travel through the



Lights shift.

ZAC and SIAH are in front of Jesus body. For now, only ZAC and SIAH can see the body.


ZAC and SIAH stare at the body, stunned.





Suddenly, SIAH runs off to vomit.

ZAC doesn’t react. He can’t take his eyes off of Jesus.


ZAC starts to weep.

SIAH returns and stands next to ZAC.