Homecoming / by Jeffrey Lo


ELLA and MOIRA having catching up after 15 years.

ELLA: Oh my god.

MOIRA: I know!

ELLA: You’re messing with me.

MOIRA: I’m afraid not.

ELLA: I said that?


ELLA: My gosh…

MOIRA: I asked you to be my date to homecoming and you said you could never be my date for homecoming!

ELLA: Did I say why?

ELLA: Why didn’t you ask?


ELLA: Gosh. I’m so embarrassed.

MOIRA: Don’t be, it was 15 years ago.

ELLA: Still.

MOIRA: we were 17!

ELLA: I know but…

MOIRA: What’s important is that we’re here now.

ELLA: But –

MOIRA: It’s fine… I swear.

ELLA: … ok.




MOIRA: How has life been?

ELLA: Oh, it’s been fine, I guess. You know how it is.

MOIRA: Yeah, totally…

ELLA: You?

MOIRA: About the same really, depending on how you look at it.

ELLA: Right… right…

Awkward silence.

MOIRA: Well, I guess we’ve fully caught up then. Nice to see you!

They laugh.

This breaks the ice.

ELLA: Sorry.


ELLA: I don’t know. I feel like I’m just not being a good conversationalist right now.

MOIRA: The Ella Nguyen I knew was always a good conversationalist.

ELLA: The Ella Nguyen you knew was 17. Much easier to hold a conversation with a 17 year old…

MOIRA: I guess… I feel like most people are awkward when they are teenagers and better when they grow up.

ELLA: That’s true.


ELLA: So what do you do now?

MOIRA: For work?

ELLA: Yeah.

MOIRA: I brew beer.

ELLA: You brew beer!

MOIRA: Yeah!

ELLA: I never woulda guessed you’d become a beer brewer –

MOIRA: In high school we barely knew what beer was.

ELLA: Right.

MOIRA: Bu.reallyt yeah, that’s what I do. I brew beer.

ELLA: How many beers?

MOIRA: We have an IPA, a double IPA, a pilsner and we’re working on some other things… blendy type stuff.

ELLA: Really cool!

MOIRA: Yeah! Do you drink beer?


ELLA: Not really, no.

MOIRA: I see.

ELLA: Sorry, sorry.

MOIRA: Why are you sorry?

ELLA: I don’t know. Because that’s what you make for a living and I don’t… drink it.

MOIRA: What, am I going to hate on a recovering alcoholic because she doesn’t wanna drink my beer?

ELLA: Right. Right…


MOIRA: You seem tense.


MOIRA: Are you ok?

ELLA: Yeah.

MOIRA: Are you sure?

ELLA: Yeah.

MOIRA: What’s on your mind?


ELLA: Why…?

ELLA stops herself.

MOIRA: Why…?


ELLA: Why am I here?

MOIRA: To catch up with your high school best friend, I thought.

ELLA: Right but why?

MOIRA: Why not?

ELLA: We haven’t spoken to each other in 15 years.

MOIRA: Hence catching up.

ELLA: But why catch up?

MOIRA: I say again – why not?

ELLA: Why did we stop talking?

MOIRA: I don’t know…

ELLA: It was because what you mentioned before. Was it not?

MOIRA: Maybe…

ELLA: You asked me to homecoming.

MOIRA: Yes. And you said no.

ELLA: And so we stopped being friends.

MOIRA: I don’t remember. Maybe.

ELLA: Well answer this. When you asked me to be your date to homecoming. What way was that?

MOIRA: What do you mean?

ELLA: Be your date in what way?

MOIRA: … You know what way.

ELLA: And because of that way we stopped being friends.

MOIRA: I thought you didn’t remember any of this.

ELLA: I do.


ELLA: If we stopped being friends back then because of this… did you think anything would change now?

Long silence.

MOIRA stands up.

MOIRA: I guess I had hoped so.

MOIRA exits.

ELLA: Bye.

Lights fade.