Handshake / by Jeffrey Lo

March 14 2018 - Handshake.jpg


March 14, 9:55 AM.

A school bell rings.

MRS. BROWN stands in front of her classroom door.

MRS. BROWN is wearing orange.

One by one her class lines up in front of her door to be let in.

Almost all of her students are wearing orange.

One by one, MRS. BROWN performs an individual and fun handshake with each of her students as they enter the class. Some of the handshakes include dance moves, some include dabs, many include the “Wakanada Forever” arm gesture.

This ritual takes 4 minutes.

 As soon as the whole class enters, MRS. BROWN steps inside the classroom

She looks at her class and smiles.

She looks at the clock.

It is now 10 AM.

It is March 14th.

MRS. BROWN nods her head.

Her class lines up again, this time to exit the class.

Again, MRS. BROWN performs an individual handshake with each of her students, one by one.

One by one, each of her students walk out of the classroom.

Once the last student exits, MRS. BROWN looks out at her students.


MRS. BROWN: Thank you. Each and every one of you. And Goodluck.