Worked / by Jeffrey Lo


RHEA, a Michigan girl who recently moved to San Francisco is on the phone with her mother, BARBARA.

BARBARA: How is my baby doing?

RHEA: Fine mom.

BARBARA: I’m just so relieved you found a place to live over there. I hear it is just SO HARD to find a place to live there and especially to AFFORD there. Nothing like good old Lansing…

RHEA: Right, mom…

BARBARA: I remember you saying you wanted to go to San Francisco because you wanted to be somewhere with culture, and interesting people and interesting things to do and I understood that but I was just scared. Do you remember saying all that?

RHEA: Yeah, mom.

BARBARA: Do you remember how scared I was for my baby?

RHEA: I do mom.

BARBARA: But now you’re there and you ge to do all that funky dory stuff! All that fun museums and fun bars and fun whatevers. Right?

RHEA: Maybe someday mom.

BARBARA: Maybe someday? 

RHEA: Maybe someday mom.

BARBARA: Well… what the hell did you do all day?

RHEA: I worked.

BARBARA: What about yesterday?

RHEA: I worked.

BARBARA: And before that?

RHEA: I worked. And after that. I will work. In order to live here in this place with all the things to do… all I can afford to do is work.

BARBARA: Wow… Well why don’t you just –

RHEA: Sorry mom, can’t talk. I gotta go back to work.

RHEA hangs up the phone.